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Did God Call You Off The Battlefield?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

There is a time to fight. There is a time to heal. KNOW YOUR SEASON! The prophets in our ministry have been receiving the same word: Recognize your season! Just because something worked in the past, doesn’t mean it will work today. So pay attention to these 5 clear steps to identify your season. Then go through the process.

Ending Note:

Chaifa Berry is one of the pastors on staff in our Fivefold Ministry Campus. She will have your back and help navigate you through your process. Become a scholar and join the tribe!

Did God Call You Off The Battlefield?

By Chaifa Berry

Sometimes we run so hard for God, that we don’t stop to heal from the wounds we’ve received. It’s easy to keep running, but, what good are you to man and God, when you're shattered in pieces?

God calls you to a season of healing. He calls you out of the battlefield,

“My warfare always comes with strategy, my child. I will not bring you out into the open if you're not ready, and if my people are not ready to receive from you. If I were to release you before your time, you'll be wiped out by the enemy.

That is why I’m keeping you hidden for a season. I’m making you strong so that you can withhold the wiles of the enemy. For while you are yet wounded, you will not stand in the face of attack.

While there are chinks in your armor, my child, the enemy will seek them out and find them. So don’t run from your wounds you’ve received - embrace them and be healed. Indeed, no amount of weapons you’ve acquired can make up for a wounded limb.

You must treat your pain and it must hurt. You must feel so that you can cry out for Me to heal you. My healing doesn’t only make you whole again, it gives you power. I give you beauty for your ashes. I give you joy for your pain. I increase your anointing for every battle you faced and overcame.

So put down your armor and your sword for a moment, child. Let the pain wash over you, so that I may heal you and give you a new heart. I’m calling you out of the battlefield and into my arms. It’s time to be made new and to receive power for your wounds,” says the Lord.

Practical Project:

1. Identify the season you're in. Is it a time to heal? Or a time to be in the battle? If it is a time to heal and rest, then continue with this project.

2. What is a hurt or an inner conflict you've been putting on the back burner?

3. Rip the bandaid. Approach the Lord, surrender your thoughts to Him and invite Him to give you His perspective.

4. You cannot perform surgery on yourself. Reach out to your pastor, or a minister for help.

5. Go through your process of healing.

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