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Congrats! You’re blazing a trail!

There’s a reason trailblazers are rare. It requires failing. Like... a lot! Being the first one on the trail means tripping over rocks along the way. You find the potholes first. You hit the dirt, first. If I hadn’t failed so much, I couldn’t write all the books I did!

The deepest lessons I learned were the ones where I messed up. So if you keep tripping over your own feet, you’re in great company. It takes a special breed to get up from that pothole to forge forward. This word is just what you need today to get fired up! CONGRATS!!! These trials are a sign that you’re a trailblazer!

Ending Note:

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Congrats! You're Blazing A Trail!

By Nathan Berry

Today's word is for the trailblazers feeling lost in the wilderness! Continue to push forward and make the beaten path for others to follow!

You've traveled many roads and grown discouraged at the amount of failure you've encountered. You nearly gave up thinking, "Is this even worth it anymore?" Yes, the journey you've traveled is worth it! Listen closely because the Father wants you to realize what's been happening.

Your Failures Are a GPS to the Next Generation

“It’s ok that you failed, my child. This is the journey that I laid out for you. It's one where you will hit your head and scrape your knees. You'll find the ways that you should and should not go. You'll identify the paths that are the wrong paths versus those that are the right paths to take.

Your failures indeed give you the ability to map out the road ahead, as a GPS, for my people. So don't throw in the towel. Now's not the time to give up because things don't seem to be coming right. Your failures are creating the very road that will bring deliverance to generations after you.

Congratulations - You're Blazing a Trail!

No longer look at your failures and mistakes as something to be ashamed of. See them for the treasure that they are today. These have given you the experience necessary to blaze a trail for years to come.

You have the tools that you need. All you're getting right now is the experience and the roadmap to go with those tools. Then, you'll be able to give my people the full instruction necessary to walk into the land of promise that I've allocated for them," says the Lord.

Project: It's time to study your journey so that you can put it together for others to follow!

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  2. Read the book.

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