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Command The Room!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

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The Lord is a master strategist. He knows the person best able to command a room is one who surveys quietly, without drawing attention. When they make their entrance, they know exactly what to do. Esther sure knew how to make an entrance!

When you understand this, you appreciate this season. He’s pulled you aside to prepare you to command the room at His unveiling. Allow Him to give you eyes to see. With those eyes, step out in the anointing with confidence, and make the Lord proud.

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Command The Room!

By Jessica Toach

Today's Prophetic Word is a direct message to you from your Heavenly Father!

You’ve been on this journey for a while. You fought for your position and gave your life for the work of the ministry. You invested everything just to see ministry doors shut. God wants you to know your suffering was not in vain but will become a monument that guides others. He says…

“I locked you away and hid you from the spotlight so you could sneak behind the enemy lines.

I called you to be my Joseph, my Esther, to remain hidden in darkness and focus on the tasks and assignments I gave you. For now, I’ve hidden you behind the prison cell. But the time will come when you will rise to take the enemy’s throne, used to control my people.

Stop wrestling the leaders I placed over you. Stop fighting the prison bars. For in the time of famine, I will keep you fed. In the time of war, I will protect you. Just as I protected you, you will protect my children.

My child, I see the work you dedicated to me. I see you in the darkness. Remain in the darkness in this session of solitude. I will refine your edges and purify you in the safety of this prison cell. For when I bring you out, I will present you as a perfect vessel. You will be my ambassador, set apart and full of poise and humility.”

Did this message hit home? Are you called to be a Joseph or an Esther? Listen to this message "Navigate the Darkness - Finding Vision by Apostle Colette Toach" to learn how to survive your time in the darkness.

This season will not last forever. The Lord calls those with the strength of character to be his marketplace champions.

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