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Can You Feel The Distance Between Us? I Crave Time With You

Nothing wrecks me like His love. I feel it most when I deserve it least. In those moments I realize, that He called me out of the darkness. Then He gave me light. I couldn’t fix myself. We forget that too easily. We forget that He cherishes the moments when we’re weak enough to let Him carry us.

Where are you broken and weak today? Jesus says… “I want to be with you! I love you. Would you let me come closer?” Let the words of this prophecy wash over you today. Feel His love. You need it. You really do.

Ending Note:

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Can You Feel The Distance Between Us? I Crave Time With You

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is a call to return to intimacy with the Lord!

I felt the Lord's heart for you today. He is craving time alone with you. Your Father is jealous of you and longs to spend quality time ministering to you.

Your mistakes can never take away from the promises He has in store for you. Lift your head from feeling sorry for yourself. Let the Lord renew your strength and fill you with joy and laughter.

His Heart Longs For You.

"My Child, I am not holding anything against you. I am not that kind of Father. My love for you has no end. I can tell that you feel the distance between us. Your mind is filled with thoughts that keep your head bowed in shame.

Please open your eyes to see my arms open before you. I am longing for you to run to me again. I desire to wipe away your tears and give you hope for tomorrow. Your cares and worries came between us before, and I was there waiting to embrace you every time.

Your Sin Is Not The Problem. Fear Is.

Do not be afraid to come before my throne. All that is required is your repentance. Once covered under the blood, your sins are as far as the east is from the west.

There is nothing that can separate me from you, and nothing can stop me from loving you. Even when you sin, I am just and faithful to forgive you, my Child. Turn back to me and allow me to nurse your wounded heart.

I Paid The Price That Gives You Access To My Father Repeatedly.

See that I will never turn away from those who chose to trust me with their lives. So open your heart to receive from me again. Every time you fail, I will teach you new ways to overcome temptation.

With good pleasure, I will redirect your steps on the path I have for you. When you look back from where you are now, you will not doubt that I held you close in times of trouble, says the Lord."

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