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Calling Out the Nehemiahs to Build

The heroes of our faith laid a foundation for us to build on. So why do we think that bringing revival means starting from scratch? The prophetic move is upon us. You need to ask yourself, “What is my part to play?” If you are called to prayer and intercession, then you are a Nehemiah and it’s for you to break ground in the Spirit!

Today’s word is a call to action. Let’s ready ourselves!

Calling Out the Nehemiahs to Build

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is for the Nehemiahs who have answered their call to build!

You've realized the Father has sent his apostles. They've rebuilt His temple. Yet, just as Nehemiah, you see that the walls around the temple lie in ruins. This word is for you, Nehemiah prophet. It's time to build the walls and protect the work God has established!

Build on the Work of My Generals

“Centuries have gone by with continual cycles of my people laying new foundations, restarting from scratch time and again. Many want to build temples in my name. Yet, I need some that will build on the work of the generations of apostles and generals that came before them.

I’m accelerating the establishment of my kingdom. This is why I’m calling you, my builder, to pick up your tools and build on the foundation that has already been laid. It's time to reveal a glorious church full of my glory to this world. Just as I did with Nehemiah, I've given you eyes to see the blueprint that already waits to be built.

Rally the Troops - It's Go Time!

Pick up this burden and rally the troops around you. Create a city set up on a hill that cannot be hidden. Create a kingdom with each member specifically positioned in the place where they will have the greatest impact. Stand up and be counted, Nehemiah. Your time has come.

I'm highlighting your time and season so that my kingdom may come and my will be done! No longer wait for the plans to come to you or to receive the 'green light'. Your leaders already have the plans. It's 'Go time!' Take those plans and build", says the Lord.

Project - Take Action!

Step 1: Listen to What’s Your Prophetic Type? Nehemiah: The Intercessor (Ep. 257) by Apostles Craig & Colette Toach. Get equipped to build in record time! -

Step 2: Join us on our Community of Apostles and Prophets and collaborate with other Nehemiah Type Prophets. You're gonna find out just how normal you are as you connect with your peers! -

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