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Calling out the Kingdom men to take their place

The church craves the love of a father. You don’t qualify to bring healing because of your perfection. You qualify because the Father said so! It’s healthy to see your inability. Embrace it and then reach for the Father’s hand to become empowered beyond your limitation!

Today’s word goes out to all the Kingdom men. Please minister to your fathers, brothers, husbands, and friends by forwarding this word to them.

Ending Note

Be sure to engage Apostle Craig and our team of men in the Kingdom Men’s Circle in our Community of Apostles and Prophets.

Calling Out the Kingdom Men to Take Their Place

By Apostle Craig Toach

Today's word is a call to action for the Kingdom Men who are under attack by the enemy!

This word today is to all the Kingdom men. Your Father in heaven went to great lengths to put you on this earth. He also made you unique with a purpose only you can fulfill. Do you find it a coincidence then, that you have come under so much attack? It's not your Father testing you, but the enemy is trying to steal from you.

Today your Father wants you to know how much He loves you and wants you to rise up. He wants you to feel the joy of being unique and fulfilling your purpose on this earth.

“My Son, don't look at what you see all around you, because I didn't create you to be like the other men around you, and what others tell you to be. I created you to be unique so that you could fulfill a very specific purpose. That's why the enemy has sought to cripple you in this area I called you to be strong in. He wants to make you doubt the very treasure I put in you. Hoping you'll never have the confidence to step out and use it.

You're a Healer of

Broken Hearts

The Prophetic Mentorship Package


My child, I'm calling you to take my hand and overcome the fear you have inside. I'm not seeking perfection, but only the heart to try. As you walk this out, I'll help you and teach you. Each step you take takes you closer to the goal. Before long, you'll look back and see the progress you've made. But for now, focus on me and what I'm asking of you. Shut out the voices of the enemy and those who would cause you to doubt. Stand on my promises and what I've told you.

The fire that burnt so passionately in you is still there, it's just been smothered by the lies of the enemy. Stir it up and allow it to get strong again. I'll be with you every step of the way. You're my precious son, and I seek only the best for you.


  1. What has the Father told you He called you to do?

  2. What specific attacks have you faced throughout your life?

  3. Find two or three scriptures that speak positively into your circumstances and speak them forth daily.

  4. Take your victory in Jesus’ name!

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