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Birth A Hundredfold Harvest Today

Presented by Toach Ministries International

Spiritual birthing is intense, but gratifying role for any prophet. It’s the hidden secret of why prophetic words come to pass! Just like a woman in labor, it’s done in privacy.

If I had one desire, it would be to see more prophets doing spiritual birthing. The Lord calls you today, to step into this prestigious place and asks, “Will you birth My will into the earth?”

Ending Note:

Bethany is our 2022 valedictorian. As a single Mom, she powered through her prophetic training, while raising her son and daughter. Because of her excellence and devotion to her peers, we promoted her to student counselor of our Prophetic School.

I want to ask you for a personal favor. I want you to support Bethany. The Lord is transitioning her into full-time ministry due to her obedience (you know how that is). Your support helps her support her children and continue as a full-time volunteer in the ministry.

 Birth A Hundredfold Harvest Today

By Bethany Sealy

Today's Word is for the prophets called for spiritual birthing this coming season.

Prophets, It’s time to birth.

Have you felt the intensity building in your warfare? Have you felt the pressure bearing down and think, “God what am I doing wrong here? Why is it so intense?”

The Lord says to you today, “It’s time to birth.

When the Lord wants to bring something to pass on the earth, He uses his prophets to do it.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing,

Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” - Amos 3:7

The Intensity and pressure you’re experiencing is a call to break ground to bring forth something new in the spirit. Whether it’s in your own life, the ministry you’re connected to, or a burden for someone else, you’re called to birth it, prophet. It’s time to recognize those labor pangs and get into position.

“I am doing something new, can you not perceive it? Where you have felt pressure and intensity, I have been preparing you to bring forth a new seed. This seed will bring an abundant

harvest, and it is one my people are ready to receive. Will you partner with me to bring it forth? Will you recognize my hand in this soil preparing the ground to yield its fruit? For I have been arranging the circumstances for quite some time and you have only seen in part. But now, I am ready to see this land flourish and yield an even greater harvest,” says the Lord.

“So labor with me in prayer. Linger with me in the secret place and press in when you feel like giving up. Stand firm against the enemy and dig into the ground with persistence. For when you face the pressure and you allow the ground to give beneath you, it is then that my seed can take root in the soil and produce a harvest one hundredfold.”

For help navigating what it looks like to break ground, pick up a copy of “Persistent Prayer.

Check out The #NextGen Prophets Podcast for more on mastering prophetic prayer and decree.

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