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Bind That Fear Immediately and Know You are an Overcomer

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

If the enemy cannot deter you from God’s will, then he tries to scare you away. NOT TODAY DEVIL! I urge you to apply the project provided here by our Prophetic School Principal, Michael Velthuysen. It will keep the enemy in his place and position you back on the throne with Jesus. Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Do you know someone who is under spiritual attack at the moment? Then forward this word to them and be a source of healing in their lives!

Are you struggling with spiritual attacks and need healing? Then this prophetic word is for YOU!

by Michael Velthuysen

As I came to write this, I saw how the enemy brought such a spirit of fear into your life. You keep looking over your shoulder wanting to know if death is going to grip you. Well, today the Lord says:


"My child, I have not called you to live a life of fear, but rather to live an abundant life of blessing and favor. The enemy is coming to bring confusion and chaos and that nature is not of Me. For indeed that spirit of fear is lurking at the wayside, but as of today it is no more! For today, I have strengthened your bones, sharpened your sword, and given you the victory you need to overcome the darkness around you.

For by My blood the chains were broken, the sins forgiven, and no man shall come and bring that doubt and fear into you, My child. Your heart and passion for Me exceeds all understanding of those around you. But, today I saw to you, to keep that heart of innocence and to keep it glued onto your sleeve. My child, you already have the sword that is sharp to cut the ties of the evil one in the spirit. So, use it! Use the tools I have already given and assigned to you! For by cutting the cord of a spirit of fear and by cutting the tie of the old season, you will stand in victory!

Child, stand in victory over your circumstances; no longer prolonging the old mandates, but focus on the war waging right in front of you. My child, it is now time to pick up your sword and to cut that tie! You have My power and My anointing in you, so, just stand in the boldness I have for you and fight!

By My Strength!

My child, it is by My sword that the enemy will fall, not by yours. Trust in Me to make him fall. Trust in the bold lion I have called you to be! It is with this new sword I have equipped you with that the mountains will be cast into the sea. It is time to let the lion in you out," says the Lord!


  1. For the next couple of weeks: Stand up and renounce the enemy’s hold over your life.

  2. Use your sword of authority to cut those ties of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

  3. Break those links with family generational curses, and bind the works of the enemy. Cause them to flee (Deut. 28).

  4. Continue every day to use your sword to be that overcomer!

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