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Beware Of The Distractions - They Mean To Send You Off Course

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

“Get out of the weeds!”

This is probably the best counsel I ever received. I didn’t realize how trapped I was in a web of everyone else’s needs! My phone didn't stop ringing. My emails were overflowing and it seemed that no one could make a decision without asking me first! I was in the weeds! The problem with that is that you’re never in a place where you're harvesting the promised land God gave you!

So I learned that not everything I felt responsible for... was my responsibility. I invite you to “get out of the weeds” with this word today as well. BREAK FREE!! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. We have only 2 days left of our 50% off sale! It will not be extended and we only have it once a year. So please jump in now before time runs out! I recommend Essentials for the New Move - ESPECIALLY the message on Hope - the Power of Focus. It usually goes for $29.99 but until the 16th it will only be $15.

This is a word to those who are struggling to complete the tasks God has given them. by Nathan Berry

Life happens. Work needs to be done. Family members need your help. The list of to-do's is endless. God has a word that’ll strip the unnecessary weights from you so that you can see the results of His hand in your life that He desires to bring you.

Focus On Your Assignment

“My child, I’ve set your feet on a clear and straight path. The road that I have you on is one of focus. Don't be distracted by the demands being made on you through family obligations or peers. Don't be waylaid by the urgency that shouts at you from society. I've given you explicit directions.

I have a set time that I need My plan to go into motion. Though you see needs rising around you, it doesn't mean that you're the one called to meet those needs. Just as I’ve given you an assignment, so have I given many others one. When you complete tasks that I haven’t given you, you work on a land that isn’t yours to work.

See the Results of My Hand in Your Life

Do the work that I've commanded you to do. When you do that, you'll be empowered by My Spirit to accomplish more. It's in the work that you do that I’ve commanded you that you'll see the results of My hand, instead of the results of your own hand.

Step out today to do what I require of you. Choose to put down the requirements of others. Choose to put down the ideas and to-do list that you've created for yourself. As you take on the work that I give you, you'll accomplish My plan on this earth", says the Lord.


  1. Look back to the last instruction God gave you - one that was confirmed by two or three others - and you are sure is what God requires of you.

  2. No matter what comes up this week, set time aside daily to focus on that one job God gave you. Allow nothing to stop you from obeying God's word.

  3. Write down daily for one week what you did towards God's instruction.

  4. For the days you didn’t work on the instruction God gave you, write down what stopped you.

After doing this project, you'll be able to identify what the enemy is using to hinder you from seeing the results that God desires to bring to your life. Then, you can cut those distractions out and watch God move!

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