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Best Husband Award Awaits... With A Little Help From Jesus

Presented by Toach Ministries International

Every husband has felt this scripture concerning his marriage, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. Petra answered that scripture with the lyrics… “Get on your knees, and fight like a man!”

Pit any man against a physical challenge, and he will thrive! However, not all problems can be solved that way. I learned that very early in my marriage. That does not mean, I still try from time to time!

Brothers, the Lord gave marriage as a blessing. Hurts and wrong ideas complicate matters. Today the Lord asks you to clean the slate, allow him to impart the secrets to transform your marriage. You are top of the list for the best husband award, with a little help from Jesus!

Ending Note:

I’m excited about our new course in our Fivefold Ministry Campus… “Beat the Biohazard: How to Work with Toxic People” starting live Feb 11th. Become a scholar and be the first to receive this fresh revelation. See you there.

Best Husband Award Awaits... With A Little Help From Jesus

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Prophetic Word is for every husband fighting for their marriage, and wives feel free to forward this to your husband as well!

I hear God say, “I’m loving you first”.

In the spirit, I feel there is a lot of frustration toward your wife. You try to love her, but you find it a challenge. The Lord shows me a vision for you…

As you spend time in His presence, He pours liquid gold over you. You become stronger, bolder, and full of life. You begin to love again. Then I see you approach your wife. She sees the radiance of the Lord surrounding you and responds to His love. This is what the Lord says to you

“My son, why do you neglect me? Why do you push me out of your marriage? Don’t you know I want to love your wife through you? But you won’t let me. You have tried to give her your love, but it is not enough. She needs my love to be encouraged and for her beautiful nature to come out.

So don’t force her to open up, come to me instead. Pray for her, shower her with praise and affection, only then will the spirit start to shift. You have a strength through me that she depends on and waits for.

My son, you aren’t less a man for this, I am proud of you for trying. But remember your strength is in me and if you want to lead your family, you need my power to do it. So, sit and listen again. Turn your faith towards blessing your wife again. You will see the transformation happen.”

Come on brother, you got this. God has always been your strength and He will be again. You just got a little off track but you’re right where you need to be!

If you need some support, head over to the Kingdom Men’s circle on our community of Apostles and Prophets. Here is the link!

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