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Be Courageous! The Battle Might Be Tough, But God Says You Will Overcome Today

Updated: May 20, 2022

As you look at the battles you faced this week look at your victories. Way too often we meditate on the battles we lost instead of the ones where God came through. So don’t give the enemy the satisfaction of your defeat! Focus instead on what God did and the fact that here you stand today… able to fight and NOT READY TO GIVE IN! You got this! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. ARM YOURSELF! Pick up a copy of Strategies of War and get the upper hand on the enemy. Next week you will celebrate victory! Get it here:

If you are feeling discouraged from the battle, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

I came to the Lord for a word for you today and He showed me a picture of you as a soldier standing in the middle of the battlefield, feeling discouraged. Your sword was on the ground and your posture was one of defeat. The Lord walked up to you and held your face until you looked at His. He wants to remind you that you have victory in Him. He wants you to know as He is so are you on the earth. He is reminding you that you are in Him and He is in you. He is saying:

"A warrior must first go through a series of training to qualify to be sent out on the battlefield. My child, whatever you are facing, you have what it takes to overcome. I have qualified you to stand in this position today. You have the authority to remove the mountain and to rebuke the winds raging against you. You have My word written on your heart. I have given you My peace to remain alert and tactical against the enemy of your soul. Utilize the skills in the art of spiritual warfare. Stay the course and take him down. I have not placed you on the battlefield unequipped. I won't give you more than you are able to handle. So, why have you put down your sword? Why are you allowing the enemy to feed you lies that you are unable to tear down the mountain standing before you? Rise up, My child, and reclaim your position. Speak to the mountain and command it to move. Tell that circumstance to come into obedience to My word and place it under your feet. In My name, you have the authority to talk to any circumstance to come into alignment with the word I have spoken to you.

The enemy is coming at you with all he has, but I have given you victory. You have eyes to see and you have weapons at your disposal to counteract these attacks. This is not the time to fall back. This is not the time to weep and complain. Stand up and use your sword! You do not have to take any of these attacks, rather fight back as one who has the victory. He knows that he does not stand a chance against you, but do you know it? Do you know that He has already lost the battle? Do you know that there are more standing with you than against you? Do you know that he cannot overtake you unless you back down?

So, be courageous, My child. As you take this land before you, your faith will become stronger for the next time the enemy shows up at your door. You will be able to see him coming from afar and ready to bind every evil work trying to take you down. Know that I am always with you and will always cause you to triumph over the enemy. There is nothing you can't overcome in My name."

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