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Be Bold In Your Difference, It's A Gift From God

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"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." - Matthew 9:36

You have seen the lack, that made you cry out to the Lord to do something. Today he answered you and says, I gave you the eyes to see so that you would make a difference.

You are not one of the sheep. You are called to help His lost and hurting sheep. It’s your difference that qualifies you for the task. Don’t conform to traditional leadership styles, you’re a gift forged by the Lord to reach a specialized flock. Your love and compassion are what they need, go be the best Shepherd you can be!

Ending Note:

With your eyes to see, you will need to help those the Lord brings to you. Follow the steps in this message and be a champion to the brokenhearted under your care…


Be Bold In Your Difference, It's A Gift From God

By Chaifa Berry


Today's Prophetic Word is an encouragement for everyone who feels like they are not good enough!

Often when God calls you, you think you must become a different person. You study others to shape yourself after their image. But God didn’t call them, He called you.

Today’s word is for those who are called but don’t feel they’re good enough. God says to you,

“My child, you tried so hard to fit the mold you believed I wanted you to be. You squeezed yourself into a box and wondered why you didn’t succeed. My child, I never called you to be like other leaders.

I never asked you to climb into a box and allow it to shape you. I called you as you are because your spiritual DNA is what My people need. It was wrought in you from your mother’s womb. It was tried by fire to remove the dross. So why add to what I’ve already perfected?

What you have to offer My church, is not a gift you need to seek out, it’s in your DNA. It’s complete, rather, remove the junk you’ve fed yourself.

You try so hard to shine like a star, but never will, because you’re as big as the sun. When you stop striving, child, you’ll find that you are the treasure I want to present to My people.

Trust Me to feed My people what they need? To position you where I see fit. Let Me worry about the needs of My people, and while you stand in your true identity. Be bold in your difference and I will shine through you," says the Lord.

Thanks for reading!

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