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Armor Bearer - Jesus Sees You!

Being an Armor Bearer can be a thankless position. You are continually in the thick of war. If it is not helping your leader to victory, it is standing in the gap protecting them from spiritual attack. It’s okay to get tired, but it is not okay to stop fighting. Your leader needs you! Today the Lord sees you and has everything you need to be the armor bearer at your leader’s back.

Ending Note:

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Armor Bearer - Jesus Sees You!

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Word is for the armor bearer's looking for confirmation.

The Lord showed me how you armor bearers were weary. I saw scratches on your breastplate, a battlefield of fallen warriors, and the sun starting to set. Your strength was consumed and you were ready to give up. But just before you did, your leader lifted their sword in victory.

The ground began to shake. The fallen bodies fell away and thick grass took their place. A platform raised from the ground and lifted your leader higher. They could see all the land around them and their message from the Lord could be heard for miles.

Then I saw God look to you and say…

“Carry the weight a little longer. The day of victory is near. All you can see is the struggle of today but you don’t see that plans are set in motion. The enemy knows he’s defeated but he’s hoping you give up before you get the victory.

As tired as you feel right now I want you to rejoice! My spirit will give you all the strength you need but you to shift your focus toward victory. Your leader is positioned. The hearts of my people are ready. But I need you to continue fighting until my plan has come to pass.

Lift your sword, point it at the enemy, and attack! You’re anointed to destroy the kingdom of darkness and clear the land. Be strong my warrior, in time you will receive a reward and rest victorious”

Your position as an armor bearer is vastly important. Because when you protect the shepherd you protect the sheep.

Learn 3 ways to defend your pastor from any and all harm in this podcast episode Every Armor Bearer Should Be Doing These 3 Things (Ep. 299)

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