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Are You Ready To Enter The Courts Of The King

Esther’s transformation to queen gave her favor. Her femininity caught the king’s eye and allowed her character to prove itself. Don’t neglect this precious gift of being a woman.

Allow the Lord to be in your process and become the queen Esther He sees in you.

Ending Note:

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Are You Ready To Enter The Courts Of The King

By Anne Chen

Today's Word is special for all the women reading! Don't forsake what makes you special!

When I prayed for you today, I saw you as a bedraggled woman too tired to wield her sword. But the Lord took you and put you in a perfumed bubble bath. When you came out, every part of you glowed. You were absolutely gorgeous!

Too often as a woman, you focus so much on "getting the job done" that you lose sight of who you are. The enemy uses this to tear down the one thing that makes you powerful as a woman - your femininity. Being beautiful is a part of how God made you, so celebrate it!

If you struggle with your image and your God-given femininity, this word is for you!

"My child, don't be afraid to be beautiful. The enemy has attacked your image for so long that sometimes it's hard to recognize what you see in the mirror. You've run to the world to follow its standard of beauty, but that has only torn you down rather than build you up.

Your worth is not in your beauty but it reflects the qualities that make you my gift to this world. So allow me to dress you. Let me adorn you with pearls of wisdom and clothe you in robes of righteousness. Let me drape precious jewels on your neck and wrist that befit a quee

Don't allow the enemy to corrupt the gift of your femininity. When you invest in being the woman I've created, you tear down lies that so many believe. You become a living epistle of my love. I delight in your outward beauty because it expresses what's within you. I made you beautiful for my good pleasure and you are worthy of my love and care. Allow me to hold you up as an example of my standard of beauty. Take delight in your appearance and bring joy to everyone that sees you, says the Lord."

Thanks for reading!

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