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Are You A Wounded Warrior? It's Time To Heal

You can’t live on the battlefield. A time comes when you need healing for your wounds. You’re bleeding out! This word is a call to get some rest and allow Jesus to heal you. You can’t live on adrenaline. I promise, God will take care of the details. He will take care of the finances and relationships. Your battlefield will still be there when you’re ready. Today though… its time to face the trauma.

Ending Note:

If you need healing, please sign up for the Counseling in the Trenches course as a scholar in our Fivefold Ministry Campus. I’d love for one of my team to take you through this process. Let’s get you patched and powered up ok?

Are You A Wounded Warrior? It's Time To Heal

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's Word is for those who've faced hurts and trauma, this is your sign that healing is coming.

The Lord gave me a word for the wounded warriors. He said, "I need you to pray for my Gideons." So I did.

I saw you on the battlefield, backed into a corner by the enemy. You were frantic, swinging your sword left and right. Then the Lord stepped between you. He placed his hand on yours and lowered your sword.

As He did, a doorway opened behind you, and you entered an operating theatre. It was quiet and peaceful as He prepared you for surgery. He stripped you of your armor, leaving behind a wounded child.

Covered in old and new scars, He took you in His arms and said;

"Lay down your arms. I don't need you to fight anymore. I need you to rest. The conflicts you face are there to draw you into the secret place. Quiet your spirit. Let the flames of war in your heart go out so you may receive the healing I have for you.

Let me draw you away from the noise. Flee from the temptation to open your mouth and fight. Do not defend yourself anymore, but walk away with your head high. Walk into my presence, and allow me to cover you.

I cannot take you through your healing on the battlefield. I need a sterile environment. One that will not cause cross-contamination or confusion to your soul. I'll need specific staff to help walk you through this operation.

You need a safe place to allow the hurt and trauma of the past to rise to the surface. The healing is not for you. It's for the child you left behind. They listened to the barbed words of their mother and felt every blow from their father.

The child who hid away from the world because they could not handle the rejection of their peers. I see you. I know what you went through because I was right beside you. I took the blows with you. I felt every cutting word spoken over you.

Yet here I am, ready to deliver you from those memories. It is not too late. Your healing is at hand. Lay down your sword and stony armor. Come into my presence and allow me to deliver you."

I know it's hard. You've spent years sharpening your blade in battle, but make a choice to step back a little more each day. As you do, you allow your heavenly Father to sweep you off your feet.

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