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Are You A Prophet? God Is Calling You To Ministry Training Today

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

What separates an Old Gen Prophet from a Next Gen Prophet? Everything this word lays out. Training. Character shaping. When you embrace the cross and allow it to equip you with the prophetic anointing, you qualify to be commissioned.

If you feel on a plateau for your prophetic call, then this is your call to action. Don't miss it! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

P.S. Prophet Deborah-Anne Velthuysen is the Co-Principal of the AMI Prophetic School. If this word was for you, consider submitting a free registration for consideration.

P.P.S. Meet the principles Deborah-Anne and Michael Velthuysen in Houston Texas as they join Craig and I in breaking ground. Dates and details here:

This Prophetic Word is for the Prophets! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today, I saw a prophet standing in fine robes on a podium. They were well-groomed and quite the speaker. However, as they stepped down from the stage they were suddenly standing in the middle of a training yard. The Lord stripped off all of their fine regalia, dressed them in well-worn armor and placed a training sword in their hand.

As they were training, younger prophets trickled in. Each one picked up a weapon of choice and started trying to use it. The Lord then directed the older prophet to bring these youngsters into their training session and show them what to do.

The Lord told me that He's calling some of His prophets to evolve into trainers of prophets for the next generation. He then said to you:

“Come down from your pedestal, My prophet. For your time in the limelight is over. Instead, I'm calling you to a greater work. One that will bring the greatest change in the body of Christ. I'm calling you to train My next generation of prophets. In order to do this though, you'll need to evolve. I have much to give, but you also have much that needs to be prepared for the next generation. They won't minister as you do, nor will they speak as you do. Instead, I have a unique culture for them to give their peers.

This will require discipline, structure, teamwork, and death to the flesh. You'll train them on the battlefield. You'll train them hands-on and very practically. I'm not calling you to mentor, but to train them in the art of their prophetic call. You'll swing the sword at their side, shoot every arrow with accuracy, and trample on serpents in step with them.

I take you back to basics, My prophet. It's time to relearn what it means to be called My prophet. You won't think the same. You won't have the same convictions or ministry ambitions. I'll melt you down, remove the dross, and make you a new vessel. Your prophetic training has just begun. Step down, and I prepare for this great work.

This next generation will face warfare you have never heard off. They'll minister to hurts you never knew existed, and they'll stand on a land others haven’t. This is their trial, to stand on their own two feet. So, prepare them well. Prepare yourself well, and become the trainer they need to give them the tools they need to conquer this unknown world they will inherit.”


As one called to train the next generation of prophets, God will expect a lot from you. So, give our Prophetic School principals a call for some tips, tricks and help on your journey - 858 800 2205.

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