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Are You A Miriam Type Prophet? God Has A Word For You!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Of all the prophetic types, Miriam has it worst! We’re hosting a quest to help you identify your type, but if you already know you’re a Miriam, this word is for you! Your suffering has a purpose. Your struggles will make sense. Don’t give up. The Lord Jesus has you securely in HIs hands. Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Our quest is absolutely free! Get notifications by going to

Are you a Miriam-type prophet? God has a word for you! by Denise Jordan

As a Miriam type prophet, God’s given you a grace to use His joy as a weapon against the ploys of the enemy. The devil knows that you’ve got that grace, and so, as you go through your process, he’ll try his utmost to attack that joy. Miriam, don’t let him. Raise your timbrel and lead God’s people into the promised land this day. For the Lord says to you:

“When you come to the end of your strength, My power begins! You might feel like you cannot take another step. Yet, when you choose to take it, the custom-made weapon in your hand powers up. In that moment, my joy becomes your strength. As you pick up your timbrel and sing My praises, you render the enemy's power useless.

My beloved, instead of trying to remain strong in the storm you’re in, realize that My hand is upon you. Even though you may not know how to navigate this storm, I’ve equipped you for it. Grab My hand, and don’t press on in your own strength. You may feel tempted to close your heart and shut off the pain.

But instead, surrender to My strength and hand Me the broken pieces of your heart so I may mend them with My love. Remain vulnerable and cling to Me with everything you’ve got. The enemy has no choice but to flee. He meant for you to break and suffer, so you wouldn’t use your weapon as it’s devastating to his plans. When you grab that weapon in the midst of your suffering, you destroy the enemy‘s plans. You also create a road for My people to walk on. Lead My people into the promised land, Miriam. Raise your timbrel and sing My praises. This is how you’ll build a city upon a hill in My name," says the Lord. Miriam, if you’re in the middle of a storm, run to your Jesus. Don’t hide away, but run into His open arms. Bleed in His presence, and let Him comfort you with His love. Then, take that joy and go change the world with it! This is where your anointing lies, so don’t let the devil steal it, but unleash it upon him full force. Purchase the NextGen Prophet Power Bundle to help you understand your process better: CLICK HERE You’ll understand your unique prophetic grace and accelerate your training process.

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