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Are you a marketplace prophet?

Your position is not a coincidence. Mordecai found himself at the right place at the right time to save the king. You aren’t missing God just because things seem quiet. You’re just where God needs you. So be patient. Don’t allow your doubt, fear, and frustration to influence your decisions this week. Rest assured... you’re EXACTLY where you need to be!

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Are You a Marketplace Prophet?

By Dalton Beckering

Today's word is for those ministers who have found themselves in the marketplace wondering what their purpose is, this is your sign!

As a marketplace prophet, you feel stuck. God won’t give you a position in the church. Your workplace doesn’t want Jesus. You don’t know how to serve God, and that makes you feel guilty.


You're serving God by being positioned. Today isn't the day you transform the system for Jesus. Instead, you gain favor at your job. You grow in authority and reputation. When God is ready to move, you’ll be ready too. Here is His message to you.

"Don't push past my plan. I have set times and seasons in place. When my people are ready you will influence them. But until then, wait.

You're only looking at yourself at the moment. That's why you're disappointed with where you are. But have some compassion. See the many people who will be blessed when you follow my plan. Don't care for your own life. Instead, imitate me. Allow yourself to suffer as others benefit from your sacrifice.

You want to serve me but are you willing to pay the price I did? I could have had wealth greater than any other man. But I chose to live in humility so that I could reach the poor and broken. That was my audience, my people. Who are your people and are you reaching them today?

Ask me for wisdom, my child. Let go of the complaints. Let go of the guilt. Flourish where I have you. I want you to bless my people. But you will do it in the way I created you to do it. So let go of your ideas, and I will give you what you need to reach your people."

The first step to hearing God is letting go of what you want Him to say. Spend time today putting your ideas of ministry on the cross. Be open to the ministry your Father in heaven has for you. You will experience life and success.

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