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Apostolic Pastors - God’s Calling You To Make A Stand

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

This word is going to rattle some cages.

People think that because I don’t sugar coat my messages that I don’t mind the rebuff. Not true! It hurts when people push back against the truth. I’m challenged to “soften the blow” at times. Every time I do, the Lord reminds me that I’m called to bring change, not comfort.

To all the leaders out there who relate, allow this word to minister to you. The Father has a plan, so open your heart and receive the blueprint. Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. If this word strikes you, then read my book The Apostolic Handbook. The impartation of fire will open doors for your apostolic call. Click here:

To the leader who is worried about their sheep. This Prophetic Word is For You! by Dalton Beckering

You are where you are because of the leaders who guided you. It wasn't their strength that lifted you high, it was their courage to show you the way to maturity. They took the risk and said, "meet me at this level". That is what your followers need. They need you to show them the way. Be the light. Push forward in your obedience to God and they will follow. God has this word for you today.

"Never forget that you are caring for my sheep. Each one has a specific call that will only come out with fire and pressure. I am bringing that fire, but will you be at the next checkpoint when they need you? Your job, my child, is to lead them. Not pander to them. They need a steady hand to be strong and show them what is right. Have you forgotten all the training you went through? They must go through the same to qualify for their position?

Do not make everything easier for them because you had a tough process. That tough process shaped the vessel I needed. So, do not keep them from their tough process either. My church is not a church of weaklings. They can endure all things. Love through all things, surrender to me through everything. Do not steal this opportunity to become my trained warriors.

So, look ahead. Do you see the plans that I have for you? Do you see the plans I have for this ministry? Run to it. Build it. This ministry will train up warriors and they will be equipped to shape this world. Do not spend all of your time making sure they are following. They will so long as you lead the way. Ask me for direction again. Ask me for the next step in the plan. I will give it to you. I will restore your passion and fire to build again. Together we will rebuild the lost and activate them in their calling. Let us work towards vision together."

Raise up warriors today! You will attract people who are hungry to serve God and build His kingdom. Do not comprise what God has placed inside of you. Unleash it and ignite a fire in your followers.

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