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Apostle, God Is Calling You Out Of The Wilderness

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The Lord trained Craig and I for years in the backside of the desert.

We got comfortable back there. We had your spiritual family, recourses and schools. I could’ve spent the next twenty years there but God had another plan.

He urged us out of our comfort zone and into the public eye. Today we reach mighty warriors all over the world and I’m grateful we took that step out of hiding. Today, the Lord brings the same call to you! Step out! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Please grab The Apostolic Handbook - Your Journey to Apostolic Office to help you navigate the journey. Get it here:

Ready to leave the wilderness? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

This word is for all the apostles out there who have been tending sheep and building their family at the backside of the desert. When I came to pray, it was as if I could smell the smoke rising from the burning bush where you encountered the Lord. Your time to lead God’s people into the promised land has come. Your season of training in the wilderness is over.

The Lord says to you, apostle:

“My child, go and lead My people into the promised land. For I’ve shaped you through the pressures you experienced in the wilderness. I’ve circumcised your heart, and birthed a fresh vision within. Don’t trip over the insecurity in your heart that makes you feel like you cannot possibly fulfill this great commission I’m calling you to.

For I’ve already called upon Aaron to come and assist you. The leaders that will build alongside you have already been positioned. You don’t have to go looking for them, or worry about any of your weaknesses for I’ve indeed covered them.

What I need you to do is move forward and use the anointing I wrought within you in this past season, to build My Kingdom and give My people the direction they need. Don’t apologize for the work I’ve done in your heart. Take My hand, stand in My power, and move forward to lead My people," says the Lord.

Your obedience to My call this day, will shift the last circumstances that need to move into place. Step forward now for My seal of approval is upon you, and the road stretched out before you has been readied for you. You play a vital part in My plan, child. Don’t hide away any longer but boldly proclaim My word, for My people are waiting for you to cover them with the grace I bestowed upon you. Your time is now, so don’t delay," says the Lord.

Realize that if this word raises questions in you as to where you should move to or what you should do, it’s likely not for you! This word is for the apostles who have been travailing with the sheep in the backside of the desert, knowing that they're called to build, but merely waiting for the right time. If this is you, this is your call to action, apostle! Obey the Lord and launch. He’s got your back.

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