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Answer The Call Into Full-time Ministry Today

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I remember when God called Craig and I into full-time ministry. I promise you this: God will always make a way! Finances, circumstances and people. He will shift each of these to fulfill His purpose. When you commit to Him, He becomes your boss. He makes a fantastic boss! So trust Him! If you feel the call, this prophetic word is the confirmation you’ve asked God for.

Ending Note:

If this word is for you, please reach out. Jessica Toach is the Principal of our Fivefold Ministry Campus. She stands at the ready along with our team of pastors to help you through this transition. Join the tribe!

Answer The Call Into Full-time Ministry Today

By Jessica Toach

Today's Word is for those who are being called into full-time ministry! This is your sign to go!

This word is for those who have stood firm in times of adversity. The Lord says, ''Hold fast to my word until my promise comes to pass.'' The land before you is yours for the taking.

"My child, be ready to walk new grounds. I have given you dominion and a promise. I will not go back on My word. I am reviving a vision that I was dormant for some time because you were not ready.

I took you through a series of preparation, and now you are ready. Expect the enemy to come at you with all that he has. Be sure to cover all your bases.

Give Me a license in every area of your life. Stand against the works of darkness daily. Be in agreement with Me on all things about you.

Be Diligent In Warfare.

As you walk in righteousness, the favor will follow you. There is nothing that will hinder my plans for you. I called you to walk in blessing, including your business, social and ministry circles. Have I not told you that these signs would follow you?

Let me lead you to the right connections that continue building on my promise. My will for you is for you to prosper. I will cause you to eat the good of the land.

But first, you must align yourself with my vision for you. Develop the gifts and talents within you. You have proven capable of managing well and being faithful in little things.

I will add more to you with every step you take towards your promise. Take nothing of last season with you because I am making everything new for you. Look ahead and walk through the door I have for, says the Lord."

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