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Allow Jesus To Forge Perfection In You

A samurai sword is forged from a piece of metal, heated in a furnace, hammer flat, and then folded on itself repeatedly. Only a few skilled sword masters know this laborious technique. The end product is renowned as one of the finest handmade swords ever made. They are widely sorted after by collectors everywhere. Will you submit to the Master's hand today and let Him forge you into a vessel of beauty?

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Allow Jesus To Forge Perfection In You

By Anne Chen

Today's Word is for those who feel like their prayers are being unanswered, this is your sign!

It can be frustrating to pray the same prayer over and over and feel like you’re not getting an answer from God. But what if the answer is not what’s most important to Him? God wants to take you on a journey that will transform you. Like the deer that pants for water, let yourself desire Him and seek Him. He’s got a plan for you!

"If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, don’t be alarmed. My child, I’ve wiped away the past so you can start afresh. This is not the work of the enemy, but it's the result of my will for you. I'm taking you through a process to transform you to the greater glory that I've called you to. So come on this journey with me. Allow me to give you one piece at a time. With each piece you discover, your wisdom and understanding grow. So though you may experience many difficulties, every problem you overcome adds to you. You become more the vessel I've called you to be.

Rejoice in this process, my child. It's not to hinder you but grow you. The hunger for more that you feel is from me. Don't try to make it go away, but let it propel you forward in seeking my blueprint for you. Let it draw you like a fragrance that ignites every sense and brings them to life. Come after me. Come and seek because you will find. Do not look to the right or left, but stay focused on me and each piece of the plan that I give you to find says the Lord."

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