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A Word From Jesus To You, Prophet

The prophet is the expression of Jesus' heart to the Bride. Today’s word reminds you of why you do what you do. Why do you get up again? No matter how much you’re rejected or torn down, you get up and keep loving. As prophets, all the power is vested in our love. It has the power to change the church. It can change the world. Let this anointed word wash over you today. Remember prophet! Remember why you’re here! Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches Have you signed up for the Prophetic Mentorship Program yet? Watch the video and see if you’re ready to build in your mandate. Craig and I are dedicating 2 months to the prophets - join prophets just like you! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Today's word is for the doubting prophet! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

I saw a vision of Jesus and His disciples before His arrest. He spoke with and ministered to each one. In his final moment on earth, He brought comfort and peace to His beloved. I felt the weight of Christ's grief at each departure. I cried and rejoiced with Him as each of His children went home. Finally, He stood, turned to me, and said,

"Prophet, I've called you to be my vessel of love. My love is a force that will shape circumstances, impact people's hearts, and bring change. My love is compassionate to those who need help. It's merciful for those who need grace. It's also righteous anger towards the work of the enemy. It's not something you can learn but live. I'll show you how to grieve with my love. How to wield my righteous anger in spiritual warfare. Heal the brokenhearted with compassion and save the lost with my merciful love.

I've not called every prophet to walk in this grace. It requires a high level of excellence. A sacrifice of will and self. A journey of suffering and humiliation to birth a character of love. By the end of your process, you'll walk, talk, and present yourself as I would." Prophet, never underestimate the power of God's agape love. You'll weep with those who weep. You'll rejoice with those who rejoice. You'll meet people on their worst and best days. Your grief and loss were to condition you for this kind of love. It'll part the Red Seas and move mountains when you walk in this kind of grace.

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