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A New Era of Church Leadership Ahead

The Lord has heard the prayer of His people! Even now, He is raising a new standard of leadership. It’s time to come out of the wilderness and build. It’s an honor to be part of the move we see in the church. So if the Lord has re-positioned you in a new ministry or told you to head into the unknown, be encouraged! He is leading every step!

Ending Note

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A New Era of Church Leadership Ahead

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is a warning to the leaders given a blueprint to build.

The enemy is never short on tricks to get leaders to compromise. It is an age-old tactic that continues to cause deception to creep into the Church.

"The Church is ready for a new move. Those who insist on putting the work at risk will be dethroned. I am sending Samuels out to anoint new kings. Please resist the temptation to rule outside of My will!

The fruits of selfish ambitions caused many to fall prey to deceit. So, will the fruit of righteousness bring many to know that I am God? I am raising leaders trained with new perspectives.

My work will continue without compromise. I will remove anyone who chooses vainglory over My vision. The Church is ready to influence the world, and I will not hesitate to act.

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