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The 100 Best Dream Symbols

If you are hungry for the prophetic, than these 100 Dream and Vision Symbols will be an amazing resource for you! Each of these have been taken from The Way of Dreams and Visions Symbol DIctionary by Apostle Colette Toach, get your own copy today by clicking the button below! 


Image by Alex Chambers

All over the world, jewelry has the same appeal. It speaks of beauty, wealth, blessing and favor.

It also represents the image you portray to the world.

Positive: Blessings bestowed on you as a gift – unmerited favor Negative: Treasure that is often overlooked




Knowledge is also considered a jewel in Scripture.


"There is gold and a multitude of rubies, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel." Proverbs 20:15


In a negative light however, a jewel in a pig's nose is not a positive picture!

"As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion." Proverbs 11:22 (KJV)

I have covered various pieces of jewelry and jewel stones under their own headings.



I have often seen various jewels in the spirit. Once I saw a person working a field, and in it were various jewels of great value.


The Lord told them, that as they just continue with the work that He had for them, that they would discover many things of great value along the way.


This spoke of natural as well as spiritual blessings.


I have also seen someone walking along a road and discovering different jewels at specific places along the way.


The Lord said that the treasures that they are looking for would be found as they continue on the road that He had for them.


Image by Amol Tyagi

A key speaks of license, authority and calling. Every believer has been given a key to salvation.

Positive: The authority to bring about change in the earth

Negative: The authority given to the enemy to wreak havoc



When you became born again, you were given the name of Jesus to use against the enemy. You were given the license to loose and to bind.

I often see keys in the spirit.

We see a golden key when releasing a person into prophetic training, and a large jewel encrusted key when releasing someone into the apostolic.

We see a brass key when releasing someone into the teaching ministry. Either way the key represents your authority. Some are given prophetic, apostolic and teaching authority depending on their calling.

When you see a closed door or gate in the spirit, the Lord will be saying to you, "Take the key (authority) I have given you and open this door!"

This is especially relevant in the prophetic ministry, where the prophet builds up, tears down, opens doors of blessing and cursing, restricts and looses on behalf of others.

Referring to the authority to loose and to bind:

"And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." Matthew 16:19

Referring to Jesus and His authority and kingship:

"The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open." Isaiah 22:22


Because a key speaks of authority, it can also be put into the wrong hands. A key can be given to the enemy to wreak havoc in our lives. When we sin, we “open the door” to the enemy. We give away our keys!


That is why Jesus had to go to hell after He died – to get the keys of death and hell back for us. This was the authority that Adam had handed satan in the garden of Gethsemane.


Taking back that authority is as simple as repenting of your sin and reminding the enemy who beat him at his game over 2000 years ago!


Image by Daniel Sandvik

In both the Old Testament and today, the lamb is an image of innocence and meekness.



A lamb could mean different things to you, depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you are in contact with lambs or work on a farm, they would mean something quite different to you, compared to someone that had never handled a lamb before.

If you have some kind of personal memory of a lamb or work with sheep, then they could speak of your responsibilities, or things that are dear to you.

If you have no personal interaction with this animal, then it could speak of something that is innocent or of meekness. It could be that the Lord is asking you to be innocent and meek.



Lambs as Christians: Just as the church is often referred to as “sheep”, so does a young lamb represent a new believer in the Lord.

Jesus the Lamb of God: Jesus Himself is called the Lamb of God. In Scripture this is a picture of the covenant Jesus made for us on Calvary. He was the final lamb that was slain on the altar. After Him, burnt sacrifice was no longer necessary.

Slain lamb: To see a vision of a slain lamb is a confirmation of the covenant and that the Lord has completed the work. We can only enter into His blessing by faith, because our works mean nothing.

"The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." John 1:29

Being a lamb: To be sent out as a lamb means to walk in innocence. Jesus said to the disciples, that they were being sent out as lambs among wolves, but He also promised later to be with them for all time.

Although you stand in meekness, Jesus in you stands in power. It is for you to have the courage to be vulnerable. Only then can you stand in the strength of the Lord.


Flock of lambs: This is a picture of the Church. The pastor is the shepherd and the members are the flock. To see a lamb, speaks of a believer that is still young in the Lord. I have often seen a lamb that is lost and broken and the Lord told me that the vision represented those in the church that have backslidden or been hurt in the system.

I also had a prophetic dream once where I saw small lambs being beaten. The Lord showed me that I was to rise up and protect and free His lambs and His sheep.

They spoke of believers that were still young in Him and were being abused by the leaders over them. My mandate was to raise up the shepherds that would protect the flock and heal the lambs. Many other times the Lord has shown me a vision of lambs that have been torn apart by wolves. This is a picture of believers who were destroyed by the status quo church.


Image by Wonderlane

Light in the darkness has always been a picture of hope. Light brings life, and in the Scripture the words life, light and love are used interchangeably.

Positive: Hope for the road ahead

Negative: Deception – angel of light


The picture of the “light at the end of the tunnel” is common to most cultures. It speaks of hope and the end of a hard and difficult journey.

If you dream of this, then the Lord is telling you that soon you will have the breakthrough in your life you have been looking for.

You only need a small amount of light to remove the darkness, and to see a dark room being dispelled by light is a good picture. It means that the Lord is going to displace the darkness with His presence.

Here is one of my favorite passages on the subject:

"For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." 2 Corinthians 4:6

When we see a curse in our lives or believe that the enemy is bringing attack, we ask the Lord to expose it just as it says in the Scripture below. Every single time I have asked the Lord to reveal the works of the enemy, He does so miraculously!

"But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light." Ephesians 5:13


I have had a lot of experience with people sharing their revelations with me, which were not of the Lord. In the symbol, Angels I share a bit more concerning this.

Any revelation or visitation you get where the “being” comes as a bright and powerful light, I advise you to be cautious of. Anything that veils its face is not of the Lord, and if you are unsure about a revelation, ask the Lord for confirmation through someone else.

I have also found many who see many bright colored lights of different colors. This is also a very common phenomenon amongst those in the New Age cult.

If you are getting visions or dreams like this, it indicates that the enemy has an open door in your life to bring deception.

Look for any ties to false religion, anything in the occult, or even prophetic materials that promote out-of-body, heavenly experiences and strange angelic manifestations.

"And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14


Image by Jeffrey Keenan

As an unknown figure in your dream or vision a man typically represents your masculine (animus) or intellectual side. In ministry it speaks of a teaching orientation.


A man you know: It is important to identify what the character in the dream means to you. If this is a man you know well, what do you think he symbolizes in your life?

Spiritual father: If he is a spiritual father to you, then he could speak of the Lord in your dreams.

Friend: If he is a friend from the past, identify what characteristic stands out to you the most about this person.

If he is a close friend that you often rely on when you need help, he can be a picture of the Holy Spirit to you.

Famous: Furthermore, if you dream of an actor or public figure, consider what he stands for. (This also applies to a woman character). It is common to dream of a famous character such as the president, actor or a pastor. What does this actor represent to you? What is their most outstanding characteristic? (Please note that if you are always dreaming of actors and having “movie” dreams this is simply an indication that you are filling your mind too much with what is in the world. You need to do some cleansing and feed things into your spirit that edifies!)

President: Now when you have a dream of such a person, instead of applying the dream directly to them, consider what they would represent. A president could be a representation of the World System or Government System. 

A pastor in your dream, depending on your relationship with that pastor, could represent the church system or even the Lord's work in your life.

An unknown man: A familiar but unknown male character in an internal dream often speaks of your masculine side - the animus. This side is left-brained, analytical, and logical.

Spiritually speaking, a man in your dreams often represents a teaching function. Perhaps you might dream that you are embracing this strange man. This would mean that the Lord desires you to embrace your teaching orientation.

Perhaps you dream that a man that you are familiar with in your dream, but do not know in real life dies. This would mean that your analytical nature is being brought to death.

If the Lord has been leading you into a teaching orientation in ministry, you might dream of meeting or marrying a man that you feel comfortable with, but do not know in real life.

This dream would confirm your direction in moving towards a teaching function.

Review the Woman symbol for an all-round look at the animus and anima.




If you see a man in vision, you will likely see someone you know, if they are a real person.

If you are in intercession, then you will likely see a person to direct your prayers towards. This person may actually look like you see in vision, or the vision you see may simply be a representation of what they stand for.

Take Paul's experience with the Macedonian that appeared to him in a dream telling him to come to them. Now the person he saw was not an actual person, but he represented the Macedonian people.

When I see demons or angels in the spirit, they are always masculine in gender. Depending on the level of demon, I will see various forms.

In the case of Paul, the Macedonian he saw was a positive vision. Consider what the man in your vision or external dream is wearing:

"And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us." Acts 16:9


A vision of a negative man in Scripture would be Goliath. I have often seen a “spiritual Goliath” in vision.

Goliath represents the spirit of fear, and the Lord often leads me in intercession to break his stronghold over the lives of God's people.

Just take a look at what kind of influence Goliath had on God's people:

"And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him and were dreadfully afraid." 1 Samuel 17:24

Goliath also represents your own fears that prevent you from rising up and moving forward.


Image by Jason Leung

Money does not look the same today as it did in the time of the Old Testament. However, the concept of trade and exchange certainly is the same.

For more understanding on what money means in Scripture, look up gold and silver.


Positive: Provision for needs or desires

Negative: Theft or greed




In a positive light, money speaks of provision for your need.

If you are having financial difficulties and dream of receiving large amounts of finances, then it is simply a picture of your desires at the moment.

Often people dream of receiving money, but unfortunately it does not mean that this will happen in reality.

I do believe it is an encouragement from the Lord to say that He desires to meet your need. However, it is going to take more on your part to make that a reality.

This dream was sent to give you hope, but you also need faith and love to bring it to pass.

Dreaming of money is either an indication of your current desire, or a confirmation that the Lord will provide your need.




Although I have seen visions of money, I usually see it as gold coins in the spirit.

Often I will see a treasure chest that is hidden and filled with money. When I see this, I know that the Lord is saying that He has provided our need, but that we must release it through prayer.

If I see the money hidden, it is speaking of a blessing that is not so clear, but that I have to make effort to look for.

If you see money along your road, it means that as you continue along the direction that the Lord has for you, the blessing will come automatically.


In prayer, I have often seen a black hand holding onto money. This is a picture of a spirit of theft. The enemy was stealing the blessing that God had for us.

Also in Scripture, the love of money refers to the root of temporal values which can destroy you. It speaks of bribery, corruption, and as I said before, the root of temporal values.

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10


Image by Kelly Sikkema

A picture of a mother speaks of nurturing, healing and restoration. The mother is the one who cares for the child and feeds it. The role of the mother is also to “lay down the law” in the heart of a child. In other words, to give the child a pattern for life.


You need to assess your relationship with your mother to discern if she is a positive or a negative picture in your dreams.

If you did not have a good relationship with your mother and she did not know the Lord, she could represent the flesh in your dreams.

She could represent, pride, jealousy, anger - all depending on what your relationship with her was in the natural.

If you have a good relationship with your mother, she could represent the church in your dreams. Your father often representing the Lord, this would then make your mother a representation of the church (the Church being the bride of Christ).


Depending on the person you are seeing in your vision, the vision could relate to an actual person or simply be a representation of a type of person or group.

Read up on Man and Woman for more details on people in visions.

If you see someone fulfilling a mothering role, then the Lord would be indicating that they are called to nurture and mature His people. This is a pastoral function.

When giving personal ministry I often see a person holding a baby, as a mother. Now this is not always literal. What it could speak of is that they are about to birth a new ministry.

Always share a vision with someone to see if they can witness with it before jumping to any interpretations.

Referring to how a mother is accepting and loving of her child:

"When I was my father's son, tender and the only one in the sight of my mother." Proverbs 4:3


When giving personal counsel I often see the actual mother of the person I am praying for. When this happens then I know that the Lord wants to deal with an issue that involved their mother.

There might be a generational curse coming from their mother's line that needs to be broken, or negative words she spoke over them.

It might even mean that their mother had caused childhood hurts that need to be addressed. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of generational bondage and sin:

"He did evil in the sight of the Lord, and walked in the way of his father and in the way of his mother and in the way of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who had made Israel sin;" 1 Kings 22:52


Image by Rohit Tandon

A mountain in any context speaks of a new journey and obtaining new heights. It can also be an obstacle in your way that you need to conquer.


Positive: An opportunity for promotion

Negative: An obstacle from the enemy






If you are someone that enjoys mountain climbing, then your dream would speak of your hobbies and interests.

However, for most people, a mountain will speak of a new goal or level for you to attain. It is a promise of a promotion and seeing a new perspective on things.


A mountain in a negative light speaks of an obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your personal goals.

It could be that you are struggling to complete a project or go in a certain direction. Dreaming of a mountain in your road is a confirmation of the blockage.

You will need wisdom to discern if this is a mountain you must tackle or one you need to walk around and avoid.

Of course as believers, when the enemy puts a mountain in our way, we have the authority to pluck it up and cast it into the sea!



For both visions and prophetic dreams, the mountain is a very positive picture! It speaks of an opportunity for you to receive a promotion in the realm of the spirit.

However, it is not going to come without effort. Climbing a mountain is hard work and it will require a lot from you.

It will mean leaving some things behind that you have relied on before. It will mean leaving behind everything you were and possessed, so that you can take hold of the new thing.

In The Staff of Moses I share how the Moses apostle is called to the mountain top many times. It is here that He will come into that face-to-face relationship with Jesus and also get his mandate.

A mountain in the Scriptures is often a picture of the presence of God. It is an apt image as it comes with a price. It means leaving behind your own ideas and everything that weighs you down, to come into His presence.

Moses had to obey some strict conditions before climbing the mountain into the Lord's presence. However, the journey was worth it, because there he experienced the glory of God!

Have you been asking the Lord to experience Him in a greater way? If so, then seeing a mountain is a call from the Lord to take the first step; to submit to going through the death and letting go of the old, so that you can take on the new.

Just like in real life, it will be a hard climb. However just as Moses discovered, it will be well worth it when you get to experience God in a new and powerful way.

"The sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel." Exodus 24:17


When praying for someone or for personal needs, I have often seen a mountain in my path.

This is a negative picture and speaks of an obstacle that the enemy has put there.

It is also a good picture of how you feel when you come to the Lord with a big prayer request. It seems to loom over you, making you feel small and insignificant.

However, you can overcome it! If you see a mountain across your path and you feel that it is something that the enemy has put there, then it is something for you to remove in the name of Jesus.

This is a call to spiritual warfare. I suggest that you get your hands on The Strategies of War book for some very practical teaching on this subject.

"For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says." Mark 11:23

If you are facing a mountain in your life right now, take this passage, memorize and confess it until it is deep in your spirit. Then stand against that mountain and it will give way!


Image by Joshua J. Cotten

A bothersome, niggling attack on your daily blessing.

Positive: Your problem is smaller than you realize

Negative: Consistent attack on your daily provision


If you have a pet mouse that you are fond of, it likely represents a responsibility or something that is important to you. Read more under Pet for clarification on this.


Mice are completely negative in scripture.

In most cases, if you see mice in a dream or vision, they are referring to a spirit of theft that is nibbling away at your blessing.

Mice also came in plagues and destroyed everything in their path. They were certainly not seen as a blessing. (1 Sam 6:4)

A rat is similar to a mouse but depicts a greater level of theft and destruction. It is also synonymous with disease because of the black plague and speaks of something being unclean.


Image by Nathan Anderson

Positive: A season of rest

Negative: Hidden works of the enemy


Although in many ways nighttime speaks of a time when the enemy is most active, it is also a season of rest. It is during the night that God speaks to us in our dreams and where we find our rest, ready to face the next day.

To dream of a sunset means that your hard work is over and it is time to rest in the Lord and to let Him complete what He has begun.

"A bundle of myrrh is my beloved to me, that lies all night between my breasts." Song of Songs 1:13

Midnight: Midnight speaks of a time of dramatic transition coming in your life. The Lord killed all the firstborn of Egypt at midnight (Exodus 12:29). It was also at midnight that Boaz saw Ruth at his feet. (Ruth 3:8)

Pillar of fire: Although the Lord led the Children of Israel by a pillar of cloud by day, by night He led with a pillar of fire.

This is a lovely picture of the power of the Lord. It is during those times when we cannot see our own way or do things with our own strength that God comes with His power. If you see a pillar of fire, the Lord is saying that it is time to stop your own striving and to stand back so that He can move in power (Exodus 13:21)!


If you dream of night falling and you sense fear or something negative, then the Lord is warning you that the enemy is at work. This season is not of Him.

If you dream of yourself walking in darkness, then the Lord is saying that it is time to get back into His light!

"You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness." 1 Thessalonians 5:5

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